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Super Bowl Party Referee

Materials Needed

  • a whistle
  • a yellow flag
  • a pen or pencil
  • a notepad
  • What could be better than a game designed to both add some levity to your party and keep guests mindful of not messing up your home? The Super Bowl Party Referee game will makes guests laugh and keep them on their toes.


    At the start of the party assign a guest the job of party referee. Give them a whistle, a yellow flag, and pen and a notepad to register both the offender and the penalty committed. A foul can be parking on the grass, spilling food or drink, using loud or inappropriate language in front of kids, or even as simple as leaving the toilet seat up. Once the party ref determines a foul has been committed she blows her whistle, throws the flag and announces the penalty to the entire party using whatever hand gestures she wishes to signal the foul.

    Punishment should be decided on beforehand and should be fun yet not not overly pleasant for offenders like performing a cheer during a commercial break, eating a special hot wing or hot pepper, or lip-syncing a song during the halftime show. You do not want a referee that is going to go too crazy with calling penalties, but if you keep it lighthearted it can add to the fun of the party and perhaps limit some damage to your home.