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Super Bowl Prop Bets Games

Materials Needed

  • Pens and paper
  • Looking for a last minute game that is easy to add to your Super Bowl party? With just pens, paper and a quick trip to the internet you can set up a props bet game that your guests will love.


    Every Super Bowl the betting services in Las Vegas come up with crazy bets specifically tailored for this one event that are commonly called prop bets. They can be as simple as which player will score the first touchdown or as bizarre as the over/under on the time it takes to sing the National Anthem. The prop bets for the Super Bowl can be easily found with a quick search on your favorite search engine and offer a great resource for an easy game to play at your party.

    Make a list of prop bets that will be fun to add to your game from the hundreds that available then assign a points value to each one. For example, predicting which team will win the coin flip should have a low points value since everyone has a 50% chance of getting it correct whereas guessing the player who will commit the first personal foul is more difficult and should reward more points for a correct answer. The betting services themselves offer a method to help you determine value since all of the bets have odds. If the bet pays out close to 1 to 1 odds then make the correct answer worth 10 points, if it is a 10 to 1 bet a correct answer should be worth 100 points. Once you have your list and a point values assigned make sure to number each bet and your are ready to go.

    Before kickoff, pass out pen and paper to all of your party guests. Read off in order each of the prop bets on your list and ask the guests to write down their answers(remind them to number their answers to avoid confusion). Throughout the game make sure to make note of the correct answers as they happen. After the game add up the point totals and the guest with the most points wins a prize.

    You are in hurry you can download a free version from our printable Super Bowl games HERE.