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Super Bowl Commercial Bingo

($$$) This is a FREE game

You’re having a party to WATCH the Super Bowl, why interrupt that with a silly game… better to wait for the COMMERCIALS! The Super Bowl fans can watch the game, the non-fans don’t have to watch at all… and everyone can play during the ad breaks. Things like “talking baby”, “a celeb voice over”, or just “slow motion running” all can be found on these cards. Sound like the perfect game (everyone knows the commercials are the best part anyways).


Print a Super Bowl Commercial bingo card for each guest and hand out bingo “markers” (pennies, chips, a pen or marker to cross of the words works great) The game is simple, during the commercials, if any of the players sees in a commercial something on their card they mark it off. First one to get bingo wins.

You can make it more enticing by having each player put $1 (or $5, or $10) per card into a prize pool that the game winner get to keep. With the amount of commercials you’ll be seeing you can probably do a few games, too. We have 30 game cards available, so if you go with a prize pool you can allow guests to “buy” as many as they want up to 30 total.

Depending on how long you want the game to be played you can have bingo be a straight line, a diagonal line, a full card, just the outside. It’s up to you. You can also play with a winner on the first bingo on any single line (40% prize pool), then continue the game for a jackpot winner on a full board (60% prize pool).

Our game comes with 30 random cards, just print out how ever many you need and get started. For more than one game make sure you print a separate batch so no one gets the same card from the previous printing.

Click here to print our free Super Bowl Commercial Bingo Cards now!