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Tarot Cards and Palm Readers and Fortunetellers, Oh My!

Materials Needed

  • at least one mystic soothsayer
  • Add a bit of mystic spice to your Halloween party with practitioners of the paranormal arts. You might be surprised at how many people who will tell you that they “don’t believe in that stuff” will end up consulting one of your super naturally gifted guests.


    Arrange for one or more mystically gifted people to attend your Halloween party. Invite a tarot card reader, fortune teller, palm readers, voodoo queen, or anyone else that practices an art linked to mystery and the paranormal. Set up an area for them to work one on one or in small groups with party guests away from the crowd. People are less likely to commit to the experience if they feel like they are being watched and judged.

    If you do not know anyone to invite, call friends and see if they have any advice. Often non-professional mystics will gladly agree to perform at your party free of charge. But if that does not work out in most cases you can hire a professional to attend your party for a small fee if you allow them to accepts tips during your event.

    If you hold an annual Halloween party, encourage the guests to write down some of the predictions and share the success or failure of the supernatural prophecies at your Halloween party the following year.