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Teddy in a Box

Materials Needed

  • A small, lightweight teddy bear
  • A box that appear to hold lingerie
  • Tape
  • Ribbon
  • A way to play music
  • Games do not need to be complicated to be fun. This short and simple prank game is sure to be a hit at your bridal shower even though there is not much to it.


    While just a simple prank, this game is a great way to lead off your bridal shower since it sets a tone of whimsy and fun. Just be sure to sell your guests on the idea that there is lingerie in the box that they will have to model. You might be shocked at how fast women can pass something around.

    The Setup: Get a small, lightweight teddy bear and put it in a box that looks like it should contain lingerie. Next, tape the box shut and tie ribbon wrapped around it to keep it secure during the game. Remember, if the box accidentally pops open too soon the prank is ruined.

    At your shower have the guests stand in a circle and explain to them that there is a teddy in the box and whoever is holding the box when the music stops has to model the teddy in front of the entire bridal shower. Obviously the joke is that the guests should expect the “teddy” to be lingerie, not a bear. Without actually saying the teddy is lingerie do everything you can to lead them to believe they will be expected to parade around in a teddy should they lose.

    The Rules: Start playing music and have the guests start passing the teddy in a box around the circle. Give the bride control of music and have her face away from the circle. At a random point the bride stops the music and whoever is holding the box when the music stops must model the teddy for everyone. Have the guest open the box to let them in on the prank. The guest must hold up the teddy bear and move it around to “model” it.

    The Bear is the Prize (optional): Once the “loser” has modeled the teddy bear, let her know that she gets to keep the bear as a prize. So the loser is really the winner!