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That Catch is….. Good!

Materials Needed

  • List of receivers
  • Slips of paper
  • Drinks (or other punishment)
  • The quarterback throws, you watch as the ball flies through the air…. the receiver catches it for a…. drink! This game is a really simple game, and since many people will probably be having a couple drinks at your party, it’s already mostly setup.


    Before the start of the party write down all of the names of players likely to catch a pass during the Super Bowl. Write the names on individual slips of paper and put them in a bowl to mix them up. Before the football game begins have anyone who will be playing draw a name from the bowl. During the Super Bowl, whenever a receiver catches a pass the guest assigned to that player has to either take a drink or do a shot.

    If you have more guests that want to play than players just double up on certain players so there will be two people drinking instead of one. Optionally you can also select a community player, whenever that football player catches a pass everyone at the party drinks.

    Many people play with the rule of taking a drink, but you can also make it non-alcoholic if you like. When the player makes a catch have the person eat a HOT pepper or a pickled egg from a jar, do a cheer, eat a SUPER HOT chicken wing (you can easily grab an small order of “Holy Cow!” hot chicken wings when you get your normal ones), or do a celebration lap around the living room. The choices of what the person has to do are endless, so don’t feel confined to just drinking.