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The Easter Weasel Scavenger Egg Hunt

Materials Needed

  • A first note
  • A final note
  • Clues to each location
  • A special egg with a special prize
  • Oh no! That mischievous Easter Weasel has stolen our basket of Easter eggs before we could have our egg hunt. Luckily he left a clue that might help us find the eggs in time to save the day.


    The Story: When you went to get the Easter eggs for the egg hunt you where shocked to discover that they were missing. All that was left was a note explaining that someone(or something) called the Easter Weasel has hidden your basket of eggs and if you want them back you must follow his clues to the location of the stolen eggs. You must rally the support of all of your party guests to work together to find the eggs and save Easter.

    The Prep Work: With any scavenger hunt the success depends on the quality and creativity of the clues. Take some time to plan a path for the hunt and then one by one write out the clues that lead the hunters to each spot. You want it to be somewhat challenging but not so hard that your younger guests are so confused that they feel left out. Once you are done number each clue in order and then make a master list of exactly where to place each clue by number. Since it might be difficult for you to get away to place the clues during your party you may need to enlist the help of an ally. Having a detailed master list will make the job much easier for your helper.

    The Set Up: Put all of the Easter eggs for your egg hunt in a big basket. Place the basket where your guests can see it as they arrive so they know what they are looking for later. About half an hour before you want to start the game move the basket of eggs to a bedroom or someplace out of the way so the Easter Weasel can steal the eggs unseen.

    You or your ally should place all of the clues in their location taking care to use tape or some method to insure that the notes are going to stay put. Once everything is ready, checked and double checked, it is time to steal the eggs. Take the basket of eggs from where you placed it earlier and hide it in the final spot of your scavenger hunt. Add a special egg(could be a golden egg) on top with an extra special prize inside. Place the final note which congratulates your guests on successfully winning the game and explains that as a reward the Easter Weasel has given you this special egg to add to your egg hunt.

    Once everything is ready, make a scene to get the attention of your guests. Explain that the basket of eggs is missing and that there was a note left behind. When all eyes are on you read the first note left by the Easter Weasel to get the scavenger hunt started.

    During the Hunt: Join in with all of the hunters and be ready to push them in the right direction if they get confused. If you have done your prep work and set up things should go smoothly. Once the basket of eggs is found it is time hide the eggs for your normal Easter egg hunt. You can be sure that all of the little hunter are now going to be focused on finding that special egg.


    Sample First Note:

    I have your eggs, I do! I do!
    Hidden away where no one can see,
    No Easter egg hunt for you! For you!
    Unless you carefully, listen to me.
    I love to play games, I do! I do!
    So here is your chance to get on the right track,
    I leave for you this clue! This clue!
    Follow it wisely if you want your eggs back.

    -The Easter Weasel

    Your first clue is: (add your first clue)

    Sample Final Note:


    You won the game, you did! You did!
    I did not think you would get the job done.
    You found all the eggs I hid! I hid!
    So take this egg for your egg hunt fun.

    -The Easter Weasel