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The Love Story Pop Quiz

Materials Needed

  • Pens
  • Paper
  • Even decades after finishing with school two word can still strike fear into people; “Pop Quiz”! Surprise your bridal shower guests with a quick test of how well they were listening to the bride.


    The bride serves as your partner in crime for this game so take some time to plan with her beforehand. She needs to tell a story to the bridal shower about herself and the groom. Just keep in mind this should be fun for her, not a monologue she has to memorize.

    The Setup: Ask the bride to tell a story to the bridal shower guests about herself and the groom when they were courting. It can be when they first met, when they feel in love, a frustrating vacation that brought them closer together, an embarrassing moment, anything the bride would like to share with the guests about her love story. Have the bride tell you the story in private beforehand, while you make notes of details for question to ask on the pop quiz.

    The Rules: Early in the bridal shower give the bride the floor and let her tell her tale without making a big deal out of it. You should be somewhere you can hear the story but not where the guests can see you, with your preliminary list of questions and a pen. If the bride accidentally forgets to include a detail that you planned to use on the quiz, cross it off the list. If the bride adds a detail you were not expecting, add that question to your list. Once the bride finishes continue with your other bridal shower activities.

    After some time has passed, presents have been opened and wine has been sipped surprise your guests with the pop quiz. Pass out pen and paper, then one by one read off each of your questions about the bride’s story. When all questions have been answered have the bride remind the guests of the correct answers, whoever got the most right is the Love Story Pop Quiz winner.

    Tiebreaker: During the bride’s story count how many times she says the groom’s name. If the pop quiz ends in a tie, ask the guests involved in the tie to write down their best guest as to the number of times the groom was mentioned. The person who is closest without going over is the winner.