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The Newlywed Game

Materials Needed

  • 8.5x11 heavy cardstock paper
  • A large marker
  • Everyone loved The Newlywed Game television show. Bob Eubanks talking about “making whoopie” while wives hit husbands with giant answer cards. It is a nature fit for any bridal shower.


    Most bridal shower games favor the bride in some way or excuse her from any potentially embarrassing moments. But with The Newlywed Game the bride is squarely on the hot seat as you test how well she really knows the groom with this game modeled after the classic TV show.

    The Setup: Before the wedding shower, interview the groom and ask him a series of question about himself and his courtship with the bride. It is a good idea to ask many more questions than you will end up using, so you can pick the best to ask the bride at her shower. Some examples of questions you might ask:

    Who introduced the couple when they first met?
    Where were you the first time you kissed?
    What habit of the bride most annoys the groom?
    When did the groom know he was in love?
    What was your first fight about?
    Who said “I love you” first?

    You can ask some suggestive or naughty questions, just be careful that you do not get so risqué that the bride is truly uncomfortable or embarrassed in front of her family and soon to be in-laws. If you do get a little naughty, make sure to use the phrase “making whoopie” just like the TV show.

    Once you have interviewed the groom, pick eight questions to ask the bride and number the questions 1-8. Write the grooms answers with a large maker on 8 separate 8.5×11 pieces of heavy cardstock paper with the number of the associated question on the back.

    The Rules: Give the bride a stack of 8.5×11 heavy cardstock paper and a large marker. Ask her the first question on your list and have her secretly write out her answer. Count 1-2-3 and the bride reveals her answer at the same time you show the groom’s answer for the first question to the bridal shower. Allow a moment for discussion then move on to the second question. Repeat the process until all eight questions have been answered. Hopefully the bride does well.

    Make a Video of the Groom (optional): Make a video of the groom giving his answers and play them one at a time at the bridal shower before the bride reveals her answers. Just be sure to pause it in between answers.