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Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Game

Materials Needed

  • Toilet paper, at least one roll per guest
  • Wedding music
  • While a dress made out of toilet paper may not sound beautiful, you might be surprised at the lovely creations your shower guests will put together. If they are so striking that you tear up, luckily there should be plenty of toilet paper on hand to dry your eyes.


    This fast-paced game is a perfect fit for guests of all ages at a bridal shower. Not only does it provide tons of fun for your bridal shower guests but the photos and videos you take can become true treasures. Be sure to have a camera ready for the frenzy of the dress making and the finished wedding dresses at the fashion show.

    The Setup: Break your shower guests up into teams of 3-5 players and give each team five rolls of toilet paper. The teams will need to select one of their members to be the “bride”, who will wear the toilet paper wedding dress and model it later.

    The Rules: Set a time limit of 20 minutes and turn your dress designers loose. The “brides” stand still as their teammates create a dress by wrapping, tying, tucking, or attaching the toilet paper anyway they can figure out. The teams can focus only on making a dress or add on a veil, a bouquet or a train.

    Once the time limit has expired play some wedding music and one by one have the “brides” model the dresses catwalk style for the entire bridal shower. The real bride selects her favorite toilet paper wedding dress and that team wins the game.