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Two Truths and a Lie About the Bride

Materials Needed

  • Pens
  • Paper
  • Bridal showers are all about the bride. Remind your guests of that before they decide which truths to tell, just to make sure no one shares anything about the bride that might embarrass them in front of their family and soon to be in-laws.


    It has been said that the truth hurts. With Two Truths and a Lie About the Bride the truth can make your belly hurt from laughing so much at the surprising and funny stories you will hear.

    The Setup: Early on in your bridal shower let the guests know that you will be playing Two Truths and a Lie About the Bride later so that they will have some time to consider which truths and lie to use. People often have a hard time making the selections so a little extra time can be a good thing. After all the better the truths and lie are the more fun the game will be. When you are ready to play the game pass out pens and paper to the guests.

    The Rules: One by one each guest stands up and in random order shares two true statements about the bride and one lie. They can be short stories about something the bride and that guest did together or just simple statements about the bride. All of the other guests write down which statement they think is the lie, if they guess correctly they receive one point. For every incorrect guess made, the guest that shared the two truths and the lie gets one point. The guests can keep track of their own point total by putting a check mark next to each correct guess and writing down the number of incorrect guesses on their turn. When all of the wedding shower guests have had their turn, the person with the most points is the winner.

    Don’t Rush: The best part of this game is hearing the discussions that develop from the truths about the bride. Be ready to slow the game down if people are having fun hearing and telling stories.