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What’s the Bunny Thinking?

($$$) This is a FREE game

Also known as “Finish My Phrase” or “Finish the Sentence,” this is a simple game that everyone will have a good time with no matter what age. Can you read “Bunny’s” mind and guess what words they will use to finish these Easter related phrases? Easter “Parade” or Easter “Eggs”? Only answers that match “Bunny’s” are right!


Print one game sheet for every player, “Bunny” gets one, too. Pass out the game sheets with pens or pencils and have everyone finish the Easter related phrases by filling in with a word or two. Such as if the phrase says “Chocolate”, is Bunny thinking Chocolate “Egg” or Chocolate “Bunny”? Only Bunny is right!

You can play this game using a timer, giving players 3-5 minutes to fill out the sheet (which makes for great answers as people are under pressure), or “no-timer,” giving everyone a chance to finish without a limit.

After everyone is done the bunny reads their answers. If the player’s answer matches bunny’s it’s correct! Player with the most correct answers wins. To really make this game fun have people read some of the phrases they got wrong, it’s hilarious what people will think of.

This is a super simple game to play at any party or even a small gathering, and players will come up with some VERY funny phrases! You will be laughing out loud trying to finish Bunny’s sentence!