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What’s In Your Purse?

Materials Needed

  • A list of 20 items and point values
  • Pens
  • Paper
  • Have you ever wondered why some women carry around those huge purses? It must be that they want to be prepared for a game of What’s In Your Purse.


    What’s In Your Purse (sometimes called Purse Raid) is a fun, fast paced game that rewards the purse pack-rats at your bridal shower.

    The Setup: Before your bridal shower make a list of around 20 items that could be found in a purse and assign a point value to each. You want to include a mix of things that range from very common to outrageously strange. For more common items like lipstick or car keys award 5 points. As the items get more rare increase the associated point value, until you get to 20 points for the bizarre items like a mini-liquor bottle or something that glows in the dark.

    At your bridal shower have your guests sit with their purses open and pass out pens and paper.

    The Rules: Call out the first item on your list and its point value. The players have 15 seconds to find it in their purse and hold it up above their head. Everyone who had the item when the time limit expired writes down the item and how many points they got for it. Repeat for your entire list, the person with the most points when you finish is the winner.