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Zombie Tag

Materials Needed

  • a blindfold
  • (optional) zombie mask
  • (optional) foam monster hands
  • This exciting game is a perfect way to lead off your Halloween party with children. The kids get to run around and enjoy themselves while not even realizing they are getting some exercise while playing the game.


    Mark off a large area outside which will serve as the inbounds play area for the game. Clear away any sticks, rocks or other debris that would be easy to trip over or might hurt if someone fell down. Select one party guest that will serve as the first zombie and blindfold them.

    All kids that are playing the game must get inbounds and stay inbounds during game play. The zombie is led to the middle of the play area and as the game starts should shout out “brains“! All of the participants must immediately scream in response. The zombie moves around, shouting “brains” and tries to tag one of the other players based on hearing the responding screams. Whoever is tagged becomes the next zombie.

    If after a while the zombie has not been able to tag anyone, decrease the size of the play area; if people are getting tagged very quickly increase the size.

    For added fun: Consider adding a zombie mask and giant foam monster hands to the zombie outfit.