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“Everything Easter A-Z” Game

($$$) This is a FREE printable game

How much do you really know about Easter? This game challenges your knowledge of everything Easter A – Z! Directions Download the game sheet, and print out one sheet for each player. You will then give everyone about 8 minutes on the clock to fill in as many Easter-related words as they can, one for […]

Kamikaze Egg Toss

Materials Needed

  • Half as many uncooked eggs as players
  • Break the kids up into teams of two players. Outside, position the kid in two straight lines so that each player is facing their teammate. Give all of the players on one side an uncooked egg. Countdown One, Two, Three, Toss! and the kid with the egg must toss their raw egg to their teammate across from them. The teammate tries to catch the egg without the egg breaking. If the egg breaks for any reason that team is eliminated.

    Once the turn is complete all remaining teams should take one step away from each other and the player with the egg tosses it back to their teammate. Repeat the tossing and stepping apart in turn until only one team still has their unbroken egg. Congratulations, you have a winner.

    Easter Egg Bocce

    Materials Needed

  • One white hardboiled egg
  • At least one unique hardboiled egg per player
  • This game is generally played outdoors but in a pinch you can play it inside. Take an undecorated white hardboiled egg and place it a few yards away from the start line. Each kid is given a unique and identifiable hardboiled egg. One at a time the participants step up to the start line and roll their egg towards the white target egg. Once everyone has had a turn determine which egg is closest to the white target egg and the roller of that egg is the winner.

    Since this game is easy and quick to play it can be repeated any number of times. You can award a prize to the winner of each game and/or reward the person who wins the most games as the grand champion. Be aware that the eggs can get damaged so the more you plan on playing the more back-up hardboiled eggs you should have in reserve.

    TIP: Let the kids decorate or personalize their own eggs to add some fun to the game.

    Egg Rolling Race

    Materials Needed

  • A hard boiled egg for each participant
  • Get enough hard-boiled eggs for each participant to have one. If you want to add a crafty element you can have the kids decorate or personalize their eggs. Set up a start and finish line outdoors for older kids but it can be played indoor if the racers are very young. The object of the game is for the kids to push their egg across the finish line. The trick is that they cannot use their hands or feet to push the egg, so they can use their elbows, knees, nose or anything else not at the end of their arms or legs. The first person to push the egg across the finish line is the winner and awarded a prize.

    TIP: If you want to increase the challenge and have enough room you can add some obstacles to the race route or require them to zigzag around a predetermine course.

    Egg-actly How Many Eggs

    Materials Needed

  • Lot of foil wrapped chocolate eggs
  • A basket
  • Pens
  • Paper
  • A cardboard box with a hole in the top
  • Fill up an Easter basket with small foil wrapped chocolate eggs making sure that you keep track of exactly how many eggs you are adding. Place the basket on a table with pens, small pieces of paper and a box with a opening cut on top. Challenge your party guests to guess how many eggs are in the basket. They should write down their best guess on a slip of paper, fold it and put it in the box.

    Towards the end of your event go through the guesses and whichever guest was closest to the actual number of eggs is the winner and gets the basket of chocolate as a prize.