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Convert Classic Kids Games Into Easter Games

You may have noticed that a lot of our kids games are Easter versions of classic games. This is not an accident. The more familiar a game is the quicker people can start playing instead of learning rules. You can do the same thing with any number of kids games. Make a list of popular kids games that you know the younger guests at your party will enjoy like Simon Says or Duck, Duck, Goose and then convert them into Easter games. In can be extremely simple like:

Easter Bunny Says, instead of listening to what Simon Says, it is the Easter Bunny in charge.

Or you can change the rules slightly to add in an additional Easter element:

Egg, Egg, Bunny, play it like Duck, Duck, Goose but have the kids hop instead of running.

The possibilities are only limited by your creativity. This is a great way to know that the you are playing games the kids will love and you can keep the Easter theme to your party activities.

“I Hope the Easter Bunny Brings Me…” Memory Game

Materials Needed

  • A good memory
  • If you have a sharp and focused group of players this game can last a surprisingly long time. Try to keep the pace of play rapid, sometimes guests will take forever trying to get it right.

    The Set Up: Have your guests sit in a circle in a large open area and select a random player to start.

    The Rules: The first player will say, “Next year I hope the Easter Bunny brings me __________” filling in the blank with whatever present they choose. It can be realistic like “a chocolate bunny” or outrageous like “a diamond ring”. For purposes of example the first person said ” a chocolate bunny”. The person to the left of the starter(clockwise) goes next. They will say, ” Next year I hope the Easter Bunny brings me a chocolate bunny and __________” filling in the blank with whatever they choose. The third person would say the entire phrase including both of the previous answers(in order) and add a third.

    This continues moving left around the circle with each person repeating what the previous person said and adding an additional Easter present until someone forgets a present, messes up the order or in some way makes a mistake. That person is out and leaves the circle. The person to the left of the person that is now out starts the game over again from scratch. Continue playing and eliminating players until only one person remains. That person is a very deserving winner.

    If the Game is Taking Too Long: Sometimes this game can bog down with guests taking long turns. If your game starts to slow down or even from the very beginning you can add a five second rule. So if any player on their turn goes for more than 5 seconds without adding to the list they are eliminated.

    Bunny Hop and Stop

    Materials Needed

  • A Bunny Master
  • Set up a start and finish line 20-40 yards apart(depending on age of your game players). At the finish line put one player who is selected to be the Bunny Master for the first round of the game, all other players go to the start line. To start the game the Bunny Master turns away from the players and yells, “Bunny Hop”! At this point the players hop toward the Bunny Master as quickly as possible while holding two finger from each hand to their head to make bunny ears. At any point the Bunny Master yells, “Bunny Stop!” and turns around to face the players. The players much immediately freeze in place motionless. If any player is moving when the Bunny Master turns around, fails to hop or put up their bunny ears then they must go back to the start line before game play continues. The Bunny Master continues to alternate between Bunny Hop and Bunny Stop until one of the players is able to tag them. That player is the winner and becomes the Bunny Master for the next round.

    Egg and Spoon Race

    Materials Needed

  • A spoon for each player
  • A hardboiled egg for each player
  • The simple instructions for this game are that you give each guest a spoon and a hardboiled egg. They race while carrying the egg with the spoon and are not allowed to touch the egg at all. If they drop the egg, they must pick it back up only using the spoon. The first person to cross the finish line is the winner. But there are a few options you can add to this game:

    – Instead of a simple straightforward course you can make it zigzag or even add obstacles they have to navigate.
    -You can run the race for the young kids with a simple course and then increase the difficulty for older party guests.
    -Another way to level the playing field with younger and more mature guests is to change the size of the spoon. Give kids large serving spoons or even a ladle while the adults must use a small plastic spoon.
    -For a real challenge require them to hop like an Easter bunny instead of running.

    Don’t Say Easter (Taboos and Tokens)

    Materials Needed

  • Clothespins or some other token for each guest
  • The first order of business is to select a taboo word, meaning a word your guests are not allowed to say. The most obvious choice is “Easter” which will work just fine, but if you wish you can choose another word like jellybean, chocolate, bunny, or anything you wish that is likely to be said frequently at your party. Now you need tokens. Clothespins are commonly used since they are easy to clip onto and remove from clothing without doing any damage.

    To start the game inform all of your guests of the taboo word. Give them each a token and explain to them that whenever they say the taboo word they will lose their token to the first player to call them out. Now start the game. If Aunt Sue accidently says the taboo word and Cousin Earl is the first to point out her mistake, then Aunt Sue must give Cousin Earl her token. Now Sue has no tokens and Earl has two tokens. The only way for Aunt Sue to get a token back is to be the first to call out someone else when they say the taboo word.

    The game continues throughout the party until close to the end when the person who has collected the most tokens is declared the winner.

    Peter Cottontail Lyric Challenge

    Materials Needed

  • Lyrics to Here Comes Peter Cottontail
  • Pens
  • Print out a copy of the lyrics for Here Comes Peter Cottontail. Highlight small sections of the lyrics where the guests will be asked to fill in the blank. For example the song starts: Here comes Peter Cottontail, Hoppin’ down the bunny trail. You could highlight “bunny trail” so your game sheet would read, “Here comes Peter Cottontail, Hoppin’ down the _________”. Go through the first verse(or first two if you want a real challenge) leaving about ten blanks per verse.

    Pass out pens to your guests along with your game sheets with the blanks. Give them five minutes to fill in the blanks. The person with the most correct answers is the winner and leads the whole group in a singing of the song.

    Here Comes Peter Cottontail Lyrics

    Verse One:

    Here comes Peter Cottontail
    Hoppin’ down the bunny trail
    Hippity hoppin’, Easter’s on its way

    Bringin’ every girl and boy
    Baskets full of Easter joy
    Things to make your Easter bright and gay

    He’s got jelly beans for Tommy
    Colored eggs for sister Sue
    There’s an orchid for your mommy
    And an Easter bonnet too

    Oh! here comes Peter Cottontail
    Hoppin’ down the bunny trail
    Hippity hoppity, happy Easter Day

    Verse Two:

    Here comes Peter Cottontail
    Hoppin’ down the bunny trail
    Hippity hoppin’, Easter’s on its way

    Try to do the things you should
    Maybe if you’re extra good
    He’ll roll lots of Easter eggs your way

    You’ll wake up on Easter mornin’
    And you’ll know that he was there
    When you find those chocolate bunnies
    That he’s hiding everywhere

    Oh! here comes Peter Cottontail
    Hoppin’ down the bunny trail
    Hippity hoppity, happy Easter Day

    Hippity hoppity, happy Easter Day

    Pin the Tail on the Easter Bunny

    Materials Needed

  • A big bunny picture without a tail
  • Enough paper tails for each player
  • Tape
  • A blindfold
  • DIY Method: Get a big poster board, draw and color in a picture of a bunny without a tail. Make lots of little bunny tails and put tape on the back. Place the bunny poster on the wall at the appropriate height for the kids playing the game. Make sure that the area is clear of anything that the little guests might trip over. One at a time, blindfold the players, give them a paper bunny tail with tape on the back, and spin them around three times leaving them pointed in the direction of the bunny poster . Their task is to stick the bunny tail as close as possible to where it should be on the poster. The person who is closest wins.

    With very young kids there is no need to spin them around before their turn, just being blindfolded is challenge enough. If adults want to play spin them around as much as you like.

    It you are not the artsy type you can sometimes buy a version of the game at your local party supply store or there is a printable version of Pin the Tail on the Bunny for sale online.

    Pass the Egg

    Materials Needed

  • One hard boiled egg for each team.
  • Divide party guests up into teams of 6-8 players and have each team stand in a line. Give the first player in each line a hard boiled egg and have them hold it under their chin. When the game starts the first person has to try to pass the egg from their chin to under the chin of the second person without touching it. If successful the second person attempts to pass the egg to the third person, then third to the fourth and so on. If the egg should drop or be touch at any time it returns to the front of the line and that team starts over. The first team to successfully pass the egg to the last person wins.

    Easter Hop-stacle Course Race

    Materials Needed

  • Orange cones or similar items to mark the course.
  • Obstacles to jump over.
  • This game is simple, the players hop their way through a course to the finish line. But, it does require some set up time and for most parties you are going to want to change the course a few times so all ages of guests can compete.

    For Young Kids: Set up a simple course with one or two turns and a short distance between the start and finish line.

    For Older Kids: Add a few turns as well as a few obstacles to hop over on a longer course.

    For Teens and Adults: Make the course a nightmare with numerous turns, stairs or a steep hill to hop up, tall obstacles to hop over, anything you can imagine.

    While it does take some time, it is rare to have one active game that can challenge all of your party guests. Be sure to reward the winner at each skill level with a prize.

    What’s the Bunny Thinking?

    ($$$) This is a FREE printable game

    Also known as “Finish My Phrase” or “Finish the Sentence,” this is a simple game that everyone will have a good time with no matter what age. Can you read “Bunny’s” mind and guess what words they will use to finish these Easter related phrases? Easter “Parade” or Easter “Eggs”? Only answers that match “Bunny’s” […]